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Interested in supporting iCAN experiences?

Welcome to the ‘Support Us’ page

The ‘Support Us’ section has been created for companies wishing to show their support for iCAN experiences and help promote their own organisations to disabled people, their family, friends and more via our website.

Visitors to the website

As the UK's only Gift Experience provider focused on people with disabilities, the range of visitors to our site are quite unique. Our approach to disability is a positive one, promoting what disabled people can do and achieve, not what they can't. As such, our visitors are of a similar mind set, positive about disability and encouraged by what can be achieved. We receive an incredible amount of positive feedback from people with disabilities, their friends and family members and this is reflected in a growing customer base.

Who takes part in a gift experience?

The age range of people with disabilities that take part in our experiences starts from as young as 10 and up to as old as 79. The core participants are of working age, so between the ages of 18 - 65. An example of just a few of the types of disabilities that can take part in our gift experiences include Visually Impaired, Deaf / Hard of Hearing, Cerebral Palsy, Single & double Amputees, Paraplegics and Quadriplegics.

Who Buys a Gift Experience?

Gift experiences for disabled people are more often than not purchased by a family member for a loved one with a disability. That said, around 25% of purchases are group bookings made by organisations that work with disabled people in some way shape or form. A small proportion of gift experiences are purchased by a disabled individual as a treat for themselves.

Want to Support Us?

If you're interested in getting your organisation exposure to people with disabilities, their family, friends and other organisations positive about disability, then support the home of gift experiences for people with disabilities and get in touch.

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