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Visually Impaired Daredevils experience Wind Tunnel Skydiving for Halloween Fun - Latest News

The home of Gift Experiences for disabled People recently teamed up with national charity Action for Blind People to give young visually Impaired children the chance to take part in our Wind Tunnel Skydiving Duo experience! Our Founder Paul Nicol tells us all about it.

Well let me start by saying what an amazing time we all had! The children were excited, there was a buzz of excitement all around the reception and waiting area that gave me a great sense of pleasure and reminds me of why it is that I setup the home of gift experiences for disabled People!

The Big Day

After weeks of planning between myself and Tony Bebbington of Action, on Saturday 27th October, 14 visually impaired children ranging from 6 to 16 along with siblings and parents descended on the Wind Tunnel in Bedfordshire to enjoy the Wind Tunnel Skydiving Duo Gift Experience!

Arriving at the Wind Tunnel

I arrived at the Wind Tunnel early and decided to wait in the cafeteria area with my wife, sipping coffee and indulging in a blueberry muffin which i have to say was rather tasty! Having taken the opportunity to relax, Emma and I made our way up to the main reception area for the Wind Tunnel. We were greeted by the most amazing hubbub of children and parents, excited voices and an atmosphere that was full of energy!

The Gift Experience Begins

I didn't envy the Action co-ordinators, it was like herding cats as they tried to get the kids kitted out with Action T-shirts and lined up for a group photo! Once that was done, we moved on to more exciting stuff, Jed from the Wind Tunnel went through the preparations, got everyone into flight suits, goggles, ear plugs and helmets, a couple of the children practiced the flying position on the floor and then it was time to go!

Visually Impaired Children fly in the Wind Tunnel!

The kids didn't need any encouragement, they moved swiftly into the wind tunnel and lined up ready to fly. Parents and siblings crammed into the viewing area, I suspect it had never been so full! Emma took a spot looking through a port hole and gave me a running commentary! Apparently it's not that easy to identify your own child when they are kitted out and their face is slightly distorted by the high winds, one parent commented that they were just looking out for the shoes! There were plenty of smiles, some kids tried to wave and there was a heart warming moment when 2 sisters were able to fly together holding hands!

An amazing experience

After everyone had taken their turns, it was back to the main area to get the Kit off and it was once again full of excited and happy children grinning from ear to ear!

Being there on the day was absolutely brilliant, it reinforces the reasons that I started the business and it gave both me and my wife an immense amount of pleasure to see and hear the joy that everyone experienced, kids as well as parents!

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