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Supercars, super people and super day!

Super duper it most definitely was! On Friday 15th November, we played host to 15 wonderful drivers on our second ever Blind Supercar Driving Day and oh my what a day it was!

The Supercars....

Once again we had the favourite three, the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Aston Martin DB9 and the Ferrari 360! All capable of 180mph+, everyone was keen to put the cars to the test and sample the delights of these blisteringly fast cars.

The people

We had a great bunch of people join us for the day, from ex-racing driver, to retired traffic cop to pianist!

An added bonus for the day was that we had enlisted the help of a sighted guide from Guide Dogs. Richard was absolutely brilliant, he was a massive help, guiding people to and from the car so that friends and family could relax and take pictures. We'll definately do that again!

The very brave Ian once again took his place in the passenger seat as guide, instructor and safety officer. Once he was happy that the dual control brake and engine cut-off switch were working, we got underway.

The Blind Driving....

We had drivers with a complete mix of ability, some having driven for years, some for only a few and some never at all, despite the variety of driving experience, there was a common theme running throughout the day..... fun, excitement and absolute pleasure!

Paul's go...

There was no way I was going to let the day pass without a go in one of these awesome cars. Last time round I plumped for the Aston Martin DB9, this time I chose the Lamborghini Gallardo and I was not disappointed! I opted to use the paddle shift as opposed to fully automatic, 500 horses pushing at my back, it was an awesome drive. Much livelier than the Aston, the Lambo even managed to feel a little twitchy when accelerating out of the corners, brilliant!


Our thanks go to all of the people that joined us for the day, the drivers, their friends and family. My Mum who took the place of my wife, taking photo's, keeping biscuits stocked up and chatting to everyone.

Finally, a huge thank you to Ian, Paul, Craig & Jay, for making the day happen. Without Paul and his supercars, the day would not be possible!

Blind Supercar Driving Day  #3

Yes, yes, we will be running another Blind Supercar Driving day! We are offering customers the chance to cash in on an early bird price if you purchase the experience before the 31st December! For details and to buy this truly fabulous experience, visit our Blind Supercar Driving page.

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