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Steve, you're a Legend! - Latest News

We're really pleased to say that one of our customers Steve May has written to the RNIB Vision Magazine to tell them what a great time he had on our Blind Supercar Driving day back in April.

The Letter...

The letter is being featured in the August/September issue, so if you're a subscriber, keep an eye out and if you're not, here is what Steve wrote:

"I'm 44 and have retinitis pigmentosa. I used to enjoy driving but had to stop 15 years ago when my sight deteriorated. I was really pleased when my partner found the iCAN website and booked a supercar driving experience for blind people, for my birthday.

They had three supercars - an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. I got to drive all three cars round the track with an instructor. They weren't crazy enough to let me do it on my own! The instructor was brilliant as he'd done advanced driving and was well-versed to help you to enjoy yourself around the track. I didn't think I'd be able to do it as I can't see but it was great to drive again and especially to have the chance to drive those very expensive supercars was brilliant."

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