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Sight Village, what's it all about? - Latest News

Hello Readers, its Paul Nicol, Founder of the Home of Gift Experiences for disabled people providing you with this update!


I thought I should give you a little insight into our first exhibit at Sight Village last week. For those that don't know, Sight Village is an exhibition organised by the wonderful people at Queen Alexandra College, a college for people with visual impairments. The Sight Village exhibition brings together organisations from across the country so that they can show case what they do to members of the "Blind" community. The main event runs every year in Birmingham and there are a number of "Road show" events, London being one.


Having lugged all of my exhibition equipment from Oxfordshire to Kensington, I arrived at Kensington Town Hall at 07:30 on Tuesday morning. The exhibition was due to open at 10:00, so that gave me plenty of time to set up our stand and grab a cup of coffee. I had arranged with Kim to join me at the event and essentially be my eyes for the two days, she arrived at 09:00, so we had a drink and talked through how we would work together.

ready for Action

10:00 arrived and not surprisingly, there wasn't a queue of people at the doors waiting to get in! In fact, it started to get busy at around 11:30 and Kim immediately sprung into action (I think my conversation had bored her by this time!). Kim did in all honesty, all the hard work, she was able to catch the eye of passersby, grab their attention and initiate conversations about what we do, I simply provided the back up as necessary. It simply wouldn't of been possible for me to do the exhibition on my own, Kim made such a huge difference!

Gift Experiences for Disabled People

Over the two days, we met some great people from a range of backgrounds, be it parents, individuals or organisations. We received support and interest from so many people, which goes a long way to re-enforcing the fact that the business idea for the Home of Gift Experiences for Disabled People is a great one!

We received so much interest on a variety of our gift experiences, it will probably not surprise you to hear that the Blind Supercar Driving gift experience was a hot topic! The "Feed the Big Cats" and White Water experiences were also very popular!

Worth a Mention

There were so many great stands at the event, unfortunately I didn't really get a chance to wonder around and see them, but there were one or two worth mentioning.... Seable, is a company who specialises in adventure holidays for Visually Impaired people as well as those with restricted mobility. We were located next to PlexTalk, a natty device for reading Daisy format books, they managed to convince me to try a Daisy book at some point! Finally we had Optima, a Low Vision Aids specialist, sadly, the equipment is no longer of any use to me due to me being completely blind!

Final Thought

My final thought is that it was a great event where I met so many great people from such a diverse range of background, in that sense, the event was a success! The purpose of attending an exhibition was to determine whether it was a form of Marketing that we would invest in again in the future, we will have to wait and see on that front!

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