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It's booked! - Latest News

It's booked! We're running yet another Blind Supercar Driving day and we've just set the date.

The Big Day...

The next Blind Supercar Driving day will be running on Thursday 3rd July 2014. It seems a long way away, but already things are happening. We're gathering drivers car choices, working on the track layout and thinking about the running order for the day!

Come one, come all...

It's all so very exciting as we prepare for the day. Once again, we'll be having a sighted guide from Guide Dogs to help VIP's around the venue and we'll be welcoming drivers, family and guide dogs alike, you never know, we might even have a camera crew there as well (although that's yet to be confirmed!).

Join in the fun!

There are still spaces available on this fantabulous day, so if you or a loved one want to join in the fun, then purchase the experience by visiting our Blind Supercar Driving page.

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