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It's been busy! - Paul's Latest Blog

Founder Paul Nicol embarks on his own personal blog, taking you on his journey from diagnosis of a sight losing disease through to the present day as he makes the Home of Gift Experiences for Disabled People a success in the midst of tough economic times.

My apology!

I'll start with an apology, it's been really busy here at the home of gift experiences for disabled people, what with launching some great new gift experiences, marketing hard for the Christmas Season, running group events for Action for Blind People and Northamptonshire Association for the Blind and of course yes QAC Sight Village! That is why I have not been keeping up with a weekly blog..... Going forward the blogs will likely be on a Monthly basis.

Targeting People with disabilities is not easy.

In my last blog I gave you an insight into how I have been marketing the Home of Gift Experiences for Disabled People. This marketing is an ongoing thing and is particularly difficult as believe it or not, targeting people with disabilities is not easy.... The best marketing comes from word of mouth, that's why we work so hard to ensure that our customers have a great time and receive a great service! So if you like what we do, tell everyone you know about us!

Latest Gift Experiences for Disabled People

If you’re a regular visitor to the Home of Gift Experiences for Disabled People, you may well have seen some of the great experiences we have launched recently, these include "Feed the Big Cats", "Tickle a Tapir", "Meet the Meerkats", "Enjoy a Spa Day" and there's still one more to come!

What next?

I hope that you would agree that we have a good range of gift experiences in the catalogue and whilst there is always more to add, my focus is going to change a little for the forthcoming year. There is no secret, the gift experiences we offer for disabled people are generally focused around the south of the country and this is something I want to address. I will be looking for gift experiences for disabled people further afield so that wherever possible, customers don't have to travel too far. In some cases it's simply not possible, for instance, our Wind Tunnel Skydiving Duo gift experience is only possible in one location!

Final Thought

My final thought this month is of QAC Sight Village. It's a great event for Blind and Visually Impaired people to learn all about the products and services available to them, I’m really pleased that the Home of Gift Experiences for Disabled People will be there, it's a bit of a trial to see how we get on at Exhibitions as next year, we may well be at the Mobility Road show!

Stay in Touch

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