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Calling all fun lovers! - Latest News

A few weeks ago, founder Paul Nicol was contacted by a producer from a broadcasting company called TwoFour. TwoFour are investigating the possibility of a new Channel 4 documentary and we're keen to help and be part of this rather interesting project.    

Be part of something amazing!

TwoFour are wanting to talk to disabled fun lovers, here's the skinny..

"We’re researching a new Channel 4 documentary about disabled people who take part (or want to participate) in action/extreme sports. We’ve seen amazing clips of wheelchair scuba diving, bungee jumping and even base jumping for starters!

We want to surprise and amaze people, as well as challenge pre-conceptions about what’s possible in an entertaining and occasionally humorous way. We’re looking for strong personalities and characters. People with an unfulfilled dream, or perhaps a clear idea about an extreme challenge. It’s about ambition, aspiration, adventure, thrills and fun. We’re not ruling out including athletes but we’re really keen to find ‘regular folk’ with a crazy idea - perhaps unlikely people - and even better if they have with a quirky sense of humour or a unique outlook on life.

We are also interested in finding people who make these activities possible for others, regardless of whether they themselves have a disability. They may be specialist travel agents, charities, facilitators or trainers.

The film is being directed by Mike Christie who’s made a long list of films about both extreme and Paralympic sports, including Jump London, Concrete Circus and Inside Incredible Athletes. The film is being produced at TwoFour, the BAFTA award winning production company known for inspiring productions such as Educating Yorkshire.

Want to know more or be a part?

If you’re interested, know someone we should speak to, or have heard of a great story along these lines, email Merle.Currie@twofour.co.uk or call 0207 427 8454.