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Blind Supercar Driving Day - Paul's Blog

Naturally, I am compelled to write this blog post given that we held our first Blind Supercar Driving Experience Day on Friday 19th April!

Pre Show Nerves....

Why yes, yes, I was definitely nervous. The primary source of nervousness was around my customer’s satisfaction, I absolutely wanted everyone to have a good time and really, really enjoy the day! I had of course done a fair amount of prep, sent out confirmation documents, emailed customers and even phoned around all the drivers ahead of the day to ensure that they had all the information they needed. The main source of my nervousness was the fear of the unknown, would customers enjoy the day, would they stay on the track, would they really get to enjoy and appreciate the cars they were driving. As it Turned out, I had nothing to worry about!

The Blind Driving Day

I arrived at the venue at around 09:30 45 minutes before the first drivers were due to arrive, only to be greeted by early birds Peter Carr and family, closely followed by Donna and Mark along with Paul Davis, the owner! Emma (my wife) and I soon found our roles for the day, I was to talk to the customers, ensure that they were happy whilst Emma did a grand job of ensuring that there was a constant supply of refreshments, biscuits and mugs as well as being chief photographer!

By 10:15 the first round of drivers were all signed in and without delay, the day began. All drivers were briefed, taken for a familiarization lap or two in the Subaru Impreza and the fun began! Just after 11:00, the first blind driver had returned and was jubilant with his Blind driving experience! That set the tone for the remainder of the day and the rest of the drivers! From then on in, people were arriving, whilst others talked excitedly about what they had done or were about to do... I am so very pleased to say that every single customer left with a smile, which was exactly what we wanted.

The details...

There were a couple of really nice surprises to the day, that went down really well. We always knew that the running of the day would be tight, we had actually allowed 20 minutes per driver, compared with 10 minutes per driver on a "standard" day. As it turns out, this was spot on, it meant that customers weren't rushed in and out of the cars, the instructor had plenty of time to understand drivers needs and thus Ensured that everyone got the most out of the drives.

With a tight time schedule, photo opportunities were going to be limited, there was no time for posing at the door, waiting for the perfect picture etc. For this reason, there was a Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin DB9 and Ferrari 360 parked out the front of the building, that customers were able to have a look at, sit in, take photos and all that kind of thing, a really nice touch that went down a storm with drivers, friends and family!

Finally, the hot lap..... some customers purchased the optional hot lap and they were not disappointed! Craig did an excellent job of thrashing customers around the circuit, in the rather quick Lotus Elise, a great way for drivers to finish the day!

Will we run another Blind Supercar Driving experience Day?

Mmmmmmm........ YES! We will definitely run another Blind Supercar Driving day. The day was such a success, many people confirmed their attendance at the next Blind Supercar Driving Day before they left, so how could we resist!

Photo's and videos...

If you want to see some of the many photos taken from the day, then pop along to our Facebook page. Needless to say, we got some video footage as well..... Now I couldn't let the day pass without a drive myself could I? So, once everyone had gone home, I jumped into the driving seat of the Aston Martin DB9 and did my best to put it through its paces! Have a watch of the video below.....