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Adrenalin Packed Skydive Vid - Latest News

Skydiving from 10,000ft is, by far, the biggest rush of Adrenalin you are likely to experience!

Don't believe us?

Then checkout this super Tandem Skydiving vid of Blind founder, Paul Nicol showing us all how to have fun!

Want to know more about Tandem Skydiving?

Of course you do! Whether you're able bodied, Blind, Deaf, paralysed, an amputee or have any other disability for that matter, we'll try our best to get you skydiving! Just pop along to our Tandem Skydiving experience page and pick a location to get the vitals and buy, buy, buy!

And if you're gonna skydive, consider doing it for charity, find out more about that on our charity Skydiving page.

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