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iCAN Wind Tunnel Skydiving Duo Experience in Bedfordshire

Picture of Two people flying together in the wind tunnel along with 2 instructors
from £75.00

This is a completely unique experience, only possible in one location in the UK, and iCAN Experiences is pleased to be able to offer it to our customers! This indoor vertical wind tunnel is the largest in the world, measuring some 16.5ft in diameter and 35ft in height. You and a friend or family member will experience free-fall at 120mph for an exhilarating total of 5minutes. That’s the equivalent of three Tandem Skydives!

The iCAN Wind Tunnel Skydiving Duo experience gives you and a friend one flight solo and two flights together. All flights last 1 minute 15 seconds, and these may quite possibly be the most memorable few minutes of your life. What’s more, we’ll even give you a free DVD of your flight! 

This wind tunnel is the first choice for professional skydivers and skydiving teams from around the world, playing host to world competitions and sponsoring many UK and international teams. You can rest assured that you will be in the hands of the very best and well looked after throughout this experience. The combination of the facility, the activity and the staff will ensure that you both leave with a smile and an unforgettable memory!

Check out this video clip of 13 year old Jamie and his step dad. Jamie has Cerebral Palsy, it hasn't stopped him doing his thing though!

On the Day

You will be greeted at reception, where you will need to sign in and complete the necessary paperwork. Then you will be taken into a classroom for a briefing by one of the experienced instructors. This will include learning hand signals and the safety procedures for your time in the wind tunnel.

Then you’ll move to the kit-up area where you will be given your helmet, goggles, ear plugs, flight suit and (if required) trainers for your feet.

Your group will then go through to the wind tunnel ante-chamber where you will watch the people in the previous group finish their session.

Then, when it becomes your turn to fly, you take your place in the doorway. The instructor will stand in front of you and, when it is time, give you the signal and if necessary, assist you to lean forward into the airflow.  .

The instructor will take hold of your flight suit and hold onto you. YOU ARE NOW Skydiving!

After your solo skydive, you will return to your group and then wait with your friend or family member for your next two skydives which will be together!

Then it’s off with your flight suit and time to enjoy the Bar & Grill.

Need to know

How long does it take?
The wind tunnel Skydiving Duo Experience includes four flights of 1 minute 15 seconds each. The first two flights are solo and the second two are a duo flight with the friend or family member you’ve chosen to join you. Please allow two hours for this activity.

When can I try it?
This activity can be booked Wednesday through to Sunday, throughout the year.

What should I wear/bring?
We provide the flight suit, goggles, ear plugs and helmet. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. You must wear trainers on your feet. Do not wear clothes with a collar - it really hurts when it flaps in your face at 120mph!

Can I book for children?
This activity is suitable for five years and over. However, under-18s need to have a parent present to provide consent.

I’m booking for someone who needs a carer. Is that a problem?
Carers are welcome at all gift experiences. For more details of what the carer place involves, please see our Questions and Answers page.

Can my family/friends come and watch me flying?
Family, friends and carers are all welcome to come and watch, at no charge.


  • If you suffer from back problems, have had a Dislocated shoulder in the past, Freshly stitched wounds, Osteoporosis/ bone illnesses,or Heart problems, it is advisable to speak to your doctor prior to flying.
  • This activity is not suitable for pregnant women.
  • For safety reasons there is a maximum weight of 19 stone (120kg).


iCAN Experiences looks for the best facilities to host our activities for people with disabilities and this location is no exception. It is well equipped for disabled access.

The entrance from the car park is free from steps and has well-maintained tarmac and concrete paving. There are no steps to negotiate throughout the ground floor of the building. The building has three floors, all of which are accessible by a lift which has plenty of space to  manoeuvre a wheelchair.

There is no dedicated disabled parking, but there is ample parking on site, so finding a suitable parking space will not be a problem. In the unlikely event that you are unable to find a suitable space, the staff will gladly make sure you get one.

There are unisex disabled-access toilets on every floor of the building and there is a dedicated disabled toilet on the ground floor.

There is good wheelchair access throughout the building. However, the archway through to the flight chamber is very narrow, so many wheelchairs may not fit through. Assistance can be given to help customers through the short archway which is approximately 3 metres in length. 

Assistance dogs are welcome; you will need to bring your own water bowl, etc. Due to the noise from the wind tunnel, assistance dogs are best left in the reception area, there is somewhere to secure them. There is a grass area outside the building which can be used to “spend” an assistance dog if necessary.

Who can do this?

The Wind Tunnel Duo Experience is suitable for people with the following disabilities:

  • Hard of hearing / Deaf
  • Restricted – Arm*
  • Restricted – Leg*
  • Visually Impaired

* We just want to highlight that the wind tunnel does generate wind speeds up to 120mph, so it may be necessary for your instructor to help maintain control of your Arms and Legs during your flight.

If your disability is not mentioned here but you’re interested in trying the Duo Wind Tunnel Skydiving Experience, please do give us a call as we may well be able to accommodate other disabilities.