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iCAN Tandem Hang Gliding Experience in Derbyshire

Picture of two people flying tandem. Viewed from below looking up at the Hang Glider
from £210.00

Ever wished you could glide like a bird? Well, this is as close as a human can get! Take a thrilling flight in a specially designed tandem hang glider and see the countryside from a bird’s eye view.

You will be towed up to a flight height of 3000ft by a CAA-approved Microlight and once there, you will be left with your experienced hang gliding instructor to ride the thermals, soar like a bird and enjoy the thrill. If conditions are right, you will be allowed to take control of the hang glider for a spell!

Your flight will last for 20-30 minutes, after which you will return to the airfield and make a smooth landing on the wheels of the specially fitted undercarriage.

The nature and design of this hang-glider make this an experience suitable for many disabilities, so go ahead; why not give it a go!

On the Day

You will be welcomed at the office by a member of the team and introduced to your BHPA-qualified instructor. You’ll head to the hang glider for a briefing on the equipment and safety, then you will put on harness and helmet and prepare for take-off.

The fun begins! The Microlight will tow you off down the runway as you hang a mere 12 inches off the ground and before you know it, you’re airborne!

After 20-30 minutes, you’ll return to the airfield, where your experienced pilot will land on the wheels of the undercarriage of the hang glider.

Then it’s back to the club house to freshen up and grab a bite to eat and drink. Here you can bask in the glory of your Tandem Hang-gliding experience and watch out over the airfield as others take to the air!

Need to know

How long does it take?
Please allow up to two hours for the hang gliding activity.

When can I try it?
This activity can be booked Wednesday to Sunday throughout the year.

What should I wear/bring?
We’ll provide all equipment, including harness and helmet. Please dress appropriately for the time of year and wear flat-soled shoes (no heels, shorts or skirts). Oh, also, make sure you bring some warm clothes, a pair of gloves and sun glasses, it can be a little chilly at 3000ft!

I’m booking for someone who needs a carer. Is that a problem?
Carers are welcome at all iCAN activities, for more details of what the carer place involves, please see our Questions and Answers page.

Can I bring family/friends?
Family, friends and carers are all welcome at no charge.


  • The hang gliding activity is suitable for people over 14 years. Under-18s require the signature of a parent or guardian. 
  • There is a weight limit of 14 1/2 stone (93KG).
  • This activity can only take place if the right weather conditions are present for it to happen safely. Rain, heavy cloud or high winds can prevent this activity from going ahead.


The airfield is in the Derbyshire countryside, south of the Peak District. The site has good facilities and is equipped for people with disabilities.

The flying school is equipped with a disabled toilet. There is no dedicated disabled parking. However, parking is ample and if the school know you are coming, you can arrange for provision to be made to ensure adequate access in and out of your vehicle.
The car park is laid to concrete and there is a permanent ramp up into the office and club house. Wheelchair access to the club house is accessed through the main reception.

There are no steps to overcome between reception and the flight hanger, making it accessible to wheelchair users.

The school is happy to accommodate assistance dogs, but please bear in mind that you are on an airfield which can be noisy and the dog must stay on the lead at all times for safety reasons. There is plenty of opportunity to “spend” a dog. Please be considerate of other customers and clear up after your dog wherever possible.

The staff at the school are very friendly and are used to working with people with disabilities. As everyone’s needs are different, it helps if you are clear about exactly what help you need from them.

Who can do this?

The Tandem Hang Gliding Experience is suitable for people with the following disabilities:

  • Visually Impaired
  • Hard of hearing/Deaf
  • Restricted – Leg
  • Restricted - Arm

If your disability is not mentioned here but you’re interested in trying the tandem hang gliding activity, please do give us a call as we may well be able to accommodate other disabilities.