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iCAN Rally Driving Experience in Gloucestershire

Image of a Citroen C2 Rally Car
from £169.00

Experience the thrill and excitement of being in a real rally car! This rally driving experience will give you the chance to get behind the wheel and enjoy the thrill of driving a highly tuned rally Citroen C2 around a 100% gravel rally stage!

Rally Driving with Hand Controls…

Yes, the rally Citroen C2 is fitted with hand controls and a semi-automatic paddle-shift gearbox, making the rally driving experience accessible to those with limited or no lower body movement! 

Rally Driving Packages

Half Day Rally – 2 instructor led sessions, timed rally stage, followed by the white knuckle passenger ride!

Authentic Rally Day – multiple practice sessions with co-driver, followed by a Multi-stage rally course layout, competing against the clock and other rally drivers!

On the Day

  • Upon arrival, drivers will need to Sign On and then help yourself to tea & coffee. (There is a small charge (50p) for drinks.)
  • Once all drivers are signed on, there will be a short driver’s briefing covering the safety points and the basics of the techniques which will be taught.  
  • Then you’ll be introduced to your instructor and it’s straight into the driver’s seat of the rally car – no demo lap in order to maximise your driving time.
  • In no time at all, you'll be experiencing the exhiliration of rally driving on the gravel course!

Need to know

How long does it take?
The half day rally driving experience lasts approximately 3 hours and the full day rally driving experience approximately 6 hours.

When can I do the rally driving experience?
This experience is available throughout the year, generally 3-4 days a month, at weekends and occasionally weekdays. 

Can friends and family come and watch me drive?
Absolutely, friends and family are most welcome at no extra cost and in fact, we'd ask that you do bring someone along to assist disabled rally drivers in and out of the car.

What should I wear / bring?
You should wear flat soled shoes/trainers and comfortable clothing appropriate to the time of year.

Do I need to hold a driving licence or have driven a car before?
Yes, a Full UK driving licence is required.


  • Drivers must have good eyesight appropriate for driving. Glasses and Contact Lenses are fine.
  • Drivers should have adequate hearing to hear the instructors when wearing a helmet. Hearing aids can be used. 
  • Drivers must have full upper body strength and movement and the use of both arms & hands.
  • Min age of 17.
  • Min height of 5’0”, max height of 6’4”, max weight of 20 stone.


Accessibility of the Venue:

  • There is ample free, on-site parking on smooth, hard-standing concrete with 2 dedicated disabled parking spaces. 
  • The venue has hard standing pathways and ramped access into the main HQ building.
  • There is a dedicated disabled toilet on-site. 
  • The Citroen C2 rally car has been fitted with a roll cage, lowered at the door opening to allow easier access for a disabled rally driver. 
  • Assistance dogs are welcome, but must remain on a lead and accompanied at all times.

Who can do this?

The rally driving experience is suitable for people with the following disabilities:

  • Restricted Leg
  • Hard of Hearing*

*Drivers must be able to hear the instructor whilst wearing a helmet, hearing aids can be used.