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iCAN Gliding Experience in Oxfordshire

Picture of Glider soaring through the Sky!
from £80.00

Would you like to experience a truly amazing activity offering an incredible sense of freedom?
Take flight through the wonder of gliding. With wingspans ranging from 15 to 25 metres, a glider is a truly amazing machine to see, touch and fly. We are pleased to offer this location where the gliders have been carefully adapted to allow for full hand control, making gliding possible for those with limited or no leg movement. In addition, this location also has a Deaf instructor, making the Gliding Experience ideal for a Deaf friend or loved one who uses BSL.

Experience the thrill of taking control of one of these magnificent machines, with a BGA qualified instructor at your side, teaching you how to soar like the birds in thermals sublimely through the skies, taking in the wonderful views as you Glide!

On the Day

You’ll be welcomed by your Gliding instructor and receive a 15-minute briefing on safety and what to expect. Then it’s off to the launch point, where you’ll be given the opportunity to feel and get to grips with your glider.

Then it’s up, up and away! You’ll be towed up to your flight height (2000 or 3000 feet) and released into the skies.

Your Gliding instructor will give you a one-to-one lesson and then hand over the controls. You’ll fly for approximately 15-30 minutes depending on your selected flight height and the weather conditions on the day.

Need to know

How long does it take?
The Gliding Gift Experience takes 15-30 minutes of flying time, depending on weather conditions and flight height. Please allow 1.5 hours for this activity.

When can I try it?
The activity is available seven days a week between March and October, and at weekends out of season.

What should I wear/bring?
Wear sensible clothing for the time of year. Flat soled shoes are best. Refreshments are available at the airfield.

I’m booking for someone who needs a carer. Is this a problem?
Carers are welcome at all iCAN activities, for more details of what the carer place involves, please see our Questions and Answers page.

Can I book for children?
We welcome children aged 14 and above. A parental signature is required for children aged 14-16.


  • This activity is not suitable for children under 14 years.
  • There is a maximum weight limit of 16 stones. 
  • Participants must be between 5’0’’ and 6’4’’ in height. 
  • This activity is not suitable for pregnant women. 
  • Weather conditions are important. Heavy rain, high winds and low cloud may prevent this activity from taking place.


The gliding club comprises a clubhouse, bar and training rooms. The pathways are a mixture of concrete and gravel, all flat and negotiable for those in a wheelchair.

There are no major steps to contend with when accessing the clubhouse and all buildings are accessible for those in a wheelchair.

Although there is no dedicated disabled parking, there is plenty of parking space, so generally there will be no issue with access to a vehicle. The club will make spaces available if needed.

Disabled toilets will be available for the 2013 season. Currently the toilets are large enough for wheelchair access and the club does have disabled members who use the facilities.

The club has adapted gliders and all staff and instructors are very used to working with people with a disability. They are more than happy to provide assistance if needed.

Who can do this?

The Gliding Gift Experience is suitable for people with the following disabilities:

  • Hard of hearing/Deaf
  • Restricted – Arm*
  • Restricted - Leg
  • Visually Impaired

* Customers with restricted arms may be limited in how much they can control the glider. However, this does not prevent them enjoying a flight under the guidance of a fully qualified instructor.

If your disability is not mentioned here but you’re interested in trying Gliding, please do give us a call as we may well be able to accommodate other disabilities.