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iCAN Feed the Big Cats Experience in Hertfordshire

Picture of tiger standing on hind legs being fed by man through enclosure
from £199.00

The Experience

Enjoy the phenomenal experience of feeding a lion or tiger by hand! Feel the breath of a big cat on your face and appreciate their true size as they stand on their hind legs and gently take the meat from your hands. You will feed the tiger or lion from right outside the enclosure, which makes for a truly amazing gift experience!

A member of the elite big cat team will be on hand to tell you all about the characteristics and history of each of the Big Cats housed at the wildlife park; These include White Lions, Snow Leopards, Tigers and Cheetahs!

Plus You Get...

This gift experience also includes a presentation certificate, souvenir T-Shirt and entry to the wildlife park for the whole day, so if you wish to arrive early, srtaylate and see some of the many other amazing animals, you can!

Deal for Two

This is an incredible gift experience to be enjoyed by an individual or with a friend, checkout our pricing options and take advantage of our amazing discounted deal for two! 50% discount on second person!

On the Day

You will be greeted at the Welcome centre by a member of the wildlife park team. If you’re early, you can go and take a peek at the many different animals that are homed at the Wildlife Park. There are also plenty of places to grab a drink or bite to eat whilst there.

When it’s time for you to go and feed the tigers or lions, you will need to make your way over to the Discovery Centre. Here you will be introduced to a big cat keeper and receive a health and safety briefing.

Then you’ll learn all about the big cats, their characteristics and history. The big cats homed at the wildlife park include Cheetahs, Lions, Tigers and Snow leopards!

Then it’s the main event, feeding a Tiger or Lion - it depends on who’s hungry on the day of your visit as to which of these big cats you will feed!

You will be given guidance on what to do as you hold a chunk of meat in your hand and move it towards the enclosure. The Tiger or Lion will with surprising gentility, take the meat right out of your hand and if you’re lucky, they may even lick your hand when they’ve finished!

When it’s all over, you will be presented with a certificate and T-Shirt.

Need to know

How long does it take?
Please allow up to one hour for this experience. The experience itself will take approximately 30 minutes.

When can I try it?
This activity can be booked 7 days a week throughout the year (except Christmas Day).

What should I wear/bring?
Just wear normal outdoor clothes appropriate for the weather on the day, including comfortable, flat-soled shoes. The experience will go ahead in most weather conditions except for heavy snow.

I’m booking for someone who needs a carer. Is that a problem?
Carers are welcome at all iCAN gift experiences, for more details on carers, please see our Questions and Answers page.

Can I book for children?
The 'feed the big cats gift experience' is only suitable for 16 years and over. But under 16’s are most welcome to enjoy the wildlife park. Please see our Under 16’s section for animal experiences suitable for children.


The wildlife park has been adapted where required to accommodate wheelchair users and people with disabilities. The car park and pathways around the Wildlife Park are all well maintained tarmac, ideal for a variety of disabilities.

There is ample disabled parking available. The Wildlife Park operate a minibus service from the train station that can accommodate a wheelchair.

There are disabled toilets around the site including in the main restaurant and public areas.

In order to get in to some of the enclosures there is a small step to overcome, these are generally no more than 10cm, and staff will gladly assist in order to overcome any obstacle.

Assistance dogs are welcome at the wildlife park, it may be necessary for you to leave your assistance dog with a member of staff in the office as the Tigers and Lions will be more interested in your assistance dog than the food in your hand! A member of staff will gladly guide you, so it maybe worth taking a white cane with you.

There are plenty of grass areas to spend an assistance dog, but please be mindful of other visitors to the park and clear up where possible.

Assistance dogs must remain on the lead at all times.

The Wildlife Park has a play area for children with a specific section for children with disabilities, including a wheelchair swing!

The staff at the Wildlife Park are very friendly and are used to working with people with disabilities. As everyone’s needs are different, it helps if you are clear about exactly what help you need from them.

Who can do this?

The Feed the Big Cats Gift Experience is suitable for people with the following disabilities:

  • Hard of hearing / Deaf
  • Restricted Arm*
  • Restricted – Leg
  • Visually Impaired

*For customers with restricted arm movement, it is necessary for you to have good control of one hand such that you can hold a chunk of meat in such a way that your fingers are not exposed to the lion/tiger. You’d hold the chunk of meat like you would a tennis racket.

If your disability is not mentioned here but you’re interested in feeding a Big Cat, please do give us a call as we may well be able to accommodate other disabilities.