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iCAN Young Driver Experience

This is a brilliant gift experience for kids and teenagers! If you’ve been wondering about what to do for a Christmas or birthday gift or even a birthday party, then here we have something completely unique….. A driving experience for kids with a disability!

The Adapted Cars...

With our Young Driver gift experience, kids can get behind the wheel and drive a brand new, dual control Vauxhall Corsa! All venues have a fleet of Vauxhall Corsa's fitted with a manual gearbox.  However, if the teenage driver is a wheelchair user with limited or no leg control, at London, Birmingham, Manchester, Essex and Kent we can offer a Vauxhall Corsa fitted with an automatic gearbox and hand controls!

The Driving Experience...

The driving experiences take place at dedicated venues, where government approved, fully qualified driving instructors will teach young drivers how to drive in a safe and controlled environment. The driving experience will teach kids how to start, stop, steer, reverse and change gear on a specially constructed course, designed to simulate real life road scenarios. The road systems include roundabouts, junctions and traffic signs. The driving lessons follow the Driving Standards Agency curriculum and will be tailored to the drivers age and driving ability.



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