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iCAN Xtreme Sbach F1 Aerobatic Flying Experience

This IS the ultimate in aerobatic Flying experiences! – Fly with an aerobatic champion display pilot in the UK’s only Xtreme Sbach aerobatic aeroplane! Your pilot will strap you into the Sbach, an all carbon fibre aircraft, designed for 21st century unlimited aerobatic Flying. This aircraft will surpass any military fighter jet in handling with it’s 450 degree per second roll rate! As the 350hp 9.5 litre engine fires into life, you really are set for the most thrilling aerobatic flight of your life! You will fly some of the unlimited extreme aerobatic manoeuvres recognized in international aerobatic competitions and displays. Feel the G-force as you are pushed into the seat of the Sbach as you ‘swoop’ into some exhilarating manoeuvres. Your pilot will also hand you control of the Sbach to try your hand at loop the loops and barrel rolls!


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