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iCAN Tickle a Tapir Experience

The Experience

Take a trip back in time and meet an amazing family of Tapirs. Native to Brazil in South America, these prehistoric looking creatures have lived on the earth for some 35 million years. Tapirs are relatives of the horse and rhinoceros. They are friendly, inquisitive and love it when you give them a tickle!

This is a fantastic gift experience ideal for children, because once you've managed to get the Tapirs out of their pool and interested in some food they're really very friendly and fun to be around! They have a lovely temperament, calm and unintrusive.

Plus You Get...

This gift experience also includes a presentation certificate, souvenir T-Shirt and entry to the wildlife park for the whole day, so if you wish to arrive early, stay late and go and see some of the many other amazing animals, you can!

Carers Go Free

What’s more, a carer can enjoy the Tickle a Tapir gift experience too at no extra charge!


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