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iCAN Tandem Hang Gliding Experience

Ever wished you could glide like a bird? Well, this is as close as a human can get! Take a thrilling flight in a specially designed tandem hang glider and see the countryside from a bird’s eye view. You will be towed up to a flight height of 3000ft by a CAA-approved Microlight and once there, you will be left with your experienced hang gliding instructor to ride the thermals, soar like a bird and enjoy the thrill. If conditions are right, you will be allowed to take control of the hang glider for a spell! Your flight will last for 20-30 minutes, after which you will return to the airfield and make a smooth landing on the wheels of the specially fitted undercarriage. The nature and design of this hang glider make this an experience suitable for many disabilities, so go ahead; why not give it a go!


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