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iCAN Supercar High Speed Passenger Experience

This is a fantastic experience available to a wide range of disabilities and ages. Passengers will get to experience the awesome atmosphere, feel and raw sound of some of the world’s most iconic Supercars!

A professional instructor will get you safely strapped into the Supercar of choice and then with a thrilling roar of the engine, you will speed off to race around for four laps of the one mile circuit at high speed, negotiating chicanes, hairpin turns, corners and straights all demonstrating the shear speed and handling of these thoroughbred Supercars!

You can choose to take this experience in one of the following Supercars: Ferrari 360, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin DB9 or Audi R8.

This experience is great for anyone who has a passion for Supercars and enjoys the thrill of speed!

Check out this clip of one of our customers enjoying the final lap of his High Speed Passenger gift experience in a Ferrari 360!


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