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iCAN Paragliding Experience

If you like the idea of paragliding and perhaps thought it wasn’t possible, then you’ll be blown away by this experience! The Paragliding Experience gives people with disabilities the opportunity to experience the thrill and enjoyment of paragliding.

Our Tandem Paragliding session will give you a flight with a BHPA qualified instructor. You can help with piloting the paraglider or simply relax and enjoy the view!

If you want a little more than the taster tandem paragliding flight, then perhaps consider our full day paragliding lesson. Here you get a full day learning to paraglide and customers are normally flying low solo flights by half way through the day! (Weather and students permitting) 

The Paragliding flights take place above the airfield and you will be launched using a winch-launch mechanism.

This is a thrilling experience and a must for those wanting to try something a little different!


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