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iCAN Microlight Flight Experience

Ever fancied yourself as a Microlight pilot? Or perhaps you’ve just always wondered what it would be like to fly in such a unique vehicle? The Microlight Flight Experience lets you try for yourself the experience of flying in one of these ultra-light machines. You’ll climb aboard either an enclosed fixed-wing or exposed flex-wing Microlight. Both types of machine are surprisingly solid and tremendous fun for both pilot and passenger alike! They can take off and land on a sixpence, and with a 100bhp engine with huge propeller right behind you, there is something to be said for the simplicity of these fun flying machines. Your pilot will strap you in to your seat and you’ll be up, up and away, taking a tour over the countryside and seeing the world from a unique position! Your pilot will show you what the microlight is capable of doing, demonstrating the manoeuvrability and speed of the fun flying machines. You can choose between a 20, 30, 40 or 60 minute flight (Options vary from location to location).

Note: Some locations have adapted Microlights to allow for full hand control. Please see the site specific information to find out more.


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