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iCAN 4-Wheel MTB Downhill Experience

This 4-Wheel mountain bike downhill experience is something truly unique! Aimed at able-bodied participants and people with lower limb problems or leg amputees, the 4-Wheel MTB Downhill experience is a must for anyone wishing to try their hand at a truly unique and thrilling experience.

The amazing feeling of freedom and speed that downhill 4-Wheel mountain biking offers is something to behold. The rush of adrenaline you get from riding purpose built downhill trails is absolutely fantastic. If you or a loved one are any sort of 'thrill seeker' looking for some excitement, then the 4-Wheel MTB Downhill Gift Experience is definitely for you!

Participants are guaranteed a minimum of six runs down the trail and depending on the individual and weather conditions, may be able to do as many as 10 runs of the downhill trail on the 4-Wheel MTB!

Note: The day will be completely tailored to the individual, they don't need to be an expert, all they need is the desire to have fun!


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